Message to our Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,
We are very happy to welcome Luminor Capital as a new investor in Next Generation Finance Invest.
Luminor Capital, a respected fund based in Singapore, is investing CHF 5.5 Mio and will contribute to the further development of our business
Furthermore, we would like to inform you that at the Extraordinary General Meeting last Monday the change of purpose from an investment company into an operating holding was approved unanimously by the shareholders. As already outlined in the last shareholder letter, we can now focus on developing our core holdings rather than quantitative expansion. The focus on our existing investments allows us to put all resources on the further successful development. We are pleased that the NextGFI shareholders support this strategy and we want to thank you for your confidence.
Due to the new investment, Next Generation Finance Invest plans to delist from the BX Berne eXchange and to change to the OTC-X platform. With this step, trading of the shares and transparent price formation is assured for all our shareholders for the foreseeable future.
The delisting from the BX Berne eXchange and the shift to the OTC-X platform makes sense for the company for several reasons:
– the administrative and regulatory costs can be simplified
– through the elimination of new legal provisions various expenses can be saved
– the OTC -X platform enjoys a great popularity and many renowned companies such as Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) trade their shares there (see
Of course we will continue our transparent information policy and apart from the change of the marketplace nothing substantial will change in the foreseeable future. The last trading day of our stock on the BX eXchange is expected to be on 30 April 2014 and from 1 May 2014 it will shift to the OTC-X platform.
The Board of Directors and the Management of Next Generation Finance Invest are confident that with the implementation of the new strategy the shareholder value can be increased on a long-term and sustainable base.
The support of an institutional investor, such as Luminor Capital, confirms our previous efforts, and makes us proud. We are looking forward to being able to realize together with our new partner and our existing shareholders the next growth steps.
If you have any questions please free to contact us at any time (via email or by phone +41 41 712 23 53).
Best Regards,
Next Generation Finance Invest

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