ayondo starts Spread Betting for UK and Irish clients

Exciting news from our portfolio company ayondo:

ayondo offers another new attractive feature – spread betting for our UK and Irish clients. Follow proportionally up to 5 Top Traders with your spread betting account.

ayondo Top Traders go through 5 Levels of their trading career, every further level with enhanced performance and risk requirements. You have the opportunity to choose from this trading universe up to 5 Traders for your personalized portfolio, which allows you not only to receive trading signals in real time but also tofollow automatically the top traders with your spread betting account and achieve theperformance of the top traders on your own account.

The new version of ayondo allows you to start following proportionally already from 100,- of your account currency. ayondo´s own broker ayondo markets facilitates trading with small fragments of the underlying market. This feature enhances the customer experience significantly as it is possible to follow the performance of successful Top Traders also with little initial investment.

The new ayondo offers you a much wider range of products that is steadily increasing. You can trade not only forex, indices and commodities but also a broad selection of single stocks from the most important global markets.

Do I get a bonus to start with Spread Betting?

Use the opportunity to experience spread betting in a completely new way. Follow up to 5 traders with your personalized trading account at ayondo markets. We have a special offer for the first 500 customers from UK and Ireland; open a live account until the 30th June 2013 and secure yourself a 100,- bonus* of your account currency. A great offer for everybody who would like to be convinced by the new ayondo 3.0 spread betting account.

We are looking forward to the successful trading together.

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